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Retro Canvas

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Retro Canvas 14" x 18" £19.99
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Retro Canvas 30" x 34" £39.99
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  • Stretched & Ready To Hang
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Go old school with our retro  canvas prints. simply upload your favourite photo and add your text to the bottom of the canvas..
Our premier canvas prints are printed on professional bright white canvas, hand stretched over our premium anti wrap 32mm or 40mm finger jointed stretcher frames. Which are then taped on the rear with a canvas hanger fitted ready to hang for a flawless finish.

What makes us so special?

At Atrium, we offer something better than the rest.

  • Half price delivery now £3.98
  • Money back guarantee
  • Personal quality check on each canvas
  • Half price canvas hanger
  • Upload photos from your computer, Facebook or Instagram
  • Chance to 'share' your design on social media
Canvas Prints Prices
Size (inch) Price
08 x 08 £7.00
12 x 08 £11.99
16 x 12 £19.99
20 x 16 £24.99
24 x 16 £26.99
30 x 20 £34.99
Superior Canvas Prints

Atrium canvas prints leave others behind.

  • High quality, professional artist standard, 340gsm canvas
  • Image check and enhancement as standard
  • Professional fingerjointed frame in 30mm or 40mm thickness
  • Varnish finish for longevity
  • Hand stretched for perfect results
  • Taped, and fitted with hanger for immediate display
Collage Canvas Prints

Atrium collages: stories through pictures.

  • Perfect for image collections
  • Range of fun styles and shapes
  • Heart shaped collage canvas & word shaped collage canvas
  • Inset collages for special moments
  • Full customer control throughout the design process
  • Preview final design before completing order
Wordart Canvas

Put words on canvas for the perfect message.

  • Preserve the special words in your life
  • Range of fun wordart shapes, including heart shaped wordart
  • Edit layout, colours and font
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Innovative design process keeps the customer in charge
  • Full preview option before completion
Collage Canvas Shapes
  • Use any number of uploaded images
  • Automated duplication of images
  • Wide selection of fun collage canvas designs including heart shaped canvas
  • Edit margins, rotation and borders of photos
  • User friendly, intuitive design process
  • Preview canvas before purchase